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Coming down to the most basic level, lash extensions are composed of either animal fur or man-made essentials. The choices with animal

Coming down to the most basic level, lash extensions are composed of either animal fur or man-made essentials. The choices with animal fur are sable, mink and fox. Doesn’t it sound like an exquisite fur coat for your eyes?

Mink Lash Extensions

Mink lashes are derived from the tail fur of Chinese minks and Siberian minks. For all those who are new to extensions, those who desire a natural look, mink is everything they had been looking for. It closely resembles the look and lustre of your lashes. Mink is fluffy and lightweight.

Now the downsides: If you have a sensitivity or allergy to animal fur, mink lashes are not for you. Similarly, ethical concerns about the treatment of minks, or use of their fur, might make you decide against it.

Sable Lash Extensions

Sable is even finer and fluffier than mink. It’s conceivable the lightest material available for extensions. It is generally recommended for those with the finest natural lashes by the most lash stylists. Being not readily available as mink, you won’t find it at all salons. The downsides? Don’t choose sable if you have a sensitivity to animal fur.

Fox Lash Extensions

Lash extensions made of fox fur are trending right now. In their natural form, fox fur lashes are a reddish, soft tone. Some might also come with black tips or an ombré style dye. If you are interested in fox extensions, be sure to look around since you won’t find them at all salons. However, they involve some upkeep for you as they must be permed to give them a curl.

Man-Made Extensions

Want to know the major advantage of man-made eyelash extensions? Curl, Curl, Curl. Unlike real animal fur lashes, they won’t require upkeep regarding a perm.

Faux-Fox and Faux-Mink Lash Extensions

Want the look of fox or mink, minus the hefty price tag? For individuals like you, extension manufacturers have been very innovative, since they’re making some fluttery, feather-weight lash extensions that won’t set you back like the real thing. These handmade, high-quality lashes come in varying volumes & lengths, are super-comfy to wear, and are always animal-friendly.

Silk Lash Extensions

These lashes are mid-weight, and for most people, they are heavier and not as comfortable as the faux-fox or faux-mink options. They are best for a look on a special occasion rather than the every-day wear.

Synthetic Lash Extensions

The heaviest, looking least natural looking on your eyes, these synthetic ones have a sheen to them, rather than a soft lustre that you would see in animal fur or human lashes. For most wearers, they are found to be too heavy for the eyelids.

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