Best Ways to Take Care of Your Lash Extensions

The significance of taking care of your lash extensions can never be stressed enough. Through this blog we aim to offer information

The significance of taking care of your lash extensions can never be stressed enough. Through this blog, we aim to offer information on how to take the best care of your lashes so that they always look flawless and most all, they make you feel your best self and make you fall in love with them.  This blog shares the best practices for taking care of your lash extensions. Start taking notes!

Keeping a check on the Cleanliness

There are multiple safe cleansers for lash extension available over the market that helps to keep your lash extensions spotless. You principally need to look for cleansers that are specifically formulated for your lash extensions: Oil-Free Gel Remover and Oil-Free Liquid Remover. The gentle, oil-free, and alcohol-free removers for eye makeup have the composition same as that of natural tears in terms of their pH and come in a gel or liquid formula. For the removal of makeup from your eye area such as the eyeshadow, we suggest spreading the cleanser over the to a cotton pad. Care should be taken as to completely saturate the cotton pad since the dry cotton could stick onto your lashes. Your eyelid needs to be rubbed very gently, however, avoid the lashes while rubbing. When it comes to cleaning your lashes, lash wand should be used gently to brush through your lashes.

Avoid Products that are Oil Based

Any skin care creams, products, or cosmetic items that are labelled as oil-based are a big ‘no’ as far as lash extensions are concerned. You need to choose products that have been designated as oil free to ensure the longevity for your extensions. However, when in doubt, all you need to do is to read the label of constituents to make sure what is being used is entirely oil free.

Wear Very Little to No Mascara

The exquisiteness of lash extensions is that you have long, lovely, full lashes without very little to no need for mascara. Some ladies might notoriously be known for still wanting to wear mascara occasionally, however, that’s okay as long as you using a mascara based exclusively for lash extensions. Although, wearing no mascara at all is preferable as far as extending the life of your lashes is concerned. Lastly, while applying your (lash extension safe) mascara, apply one coat and only use it towards the tips of your lashes

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